All across the globe, the cities have been taken over. The Wolves run the West Coast – The Vampires run the South – The Banshees and Witches run the East – The Coyotes have the Mexican Border/Deserts – and the Humans/Hunters are scattered all around. There have been wars and rivalries going on for generations. They each kept the tradition of staying out of each others way, but the new generation might stir things up a bit. Each set of species are growing more and more careless. Each are taking the chances of passing territorial boarders, they are attacking others to prove their points, and some are even falling in love with their enemies. It’s a fight for power, so who will end up with it all?



The legend of the Banshee has always been known as a myth. People have heard stories of the wailing women, but banshees choose to stay out of sight. They keep their powers to themselves as a way of protection. That’s the rule Lorraine Martin created for her species and that’s what she would have liked for her family. However, with not being able to teach her granddaughter – the young girl was left to figure it out on her own. Unfortunately, her gift has been exposed to the supernatural world. With the passing of her eighteenth birthday, Lydia Martin has been given her grandmother’s powers and has been welcomed into the hidden world of Banshees as their leader. She has inherited her part of the New York territory and has chosen to keep the alliance with the powerful witch – Bonnie Bennett.


Werewolves have roamed the earth since the early years and are one of the better known species. Their rivalry between Coyotes, Hunters, and Vampires has called problems all across the globe, causing wars between the species, and killing hundreds of each. The war only continues and it forces the wolves to band together in order to survive. Some are more willing while others choose to fight alone. There are two alphas in their territory – Scott McCall and Derek Hale. When things got rough the two decided to join forces and look at each other as one big pack of wolves – along with their human, Stiles.


The world has their good guys and their bad guys. The Hunters would put themselves along the lines of good guys, but they are far from it. Yes, they kill the supernatural but they will kill anyone who gets in their way; supernatural or not. Their main goal is supposed to be to protect the humans and keep their population alive, but their much darker these days. They no longer work together, but would rather go off on their own to take down their kills.

The Argent name has been around for years. Each family member has been trained since young to kill their enemies – the Supernatural. There are no limits to whom or what they are. They go by one code and one code only – We kill those who hunt us. It’s a strict ruling when it comes to hunters and the supernatural. There’s no such thing as love between them and if that does happen – one dies or they both die.


The Desert Wolves. Now that Malia knows the truth about her past, she has taken it upon herself to find where her mom originated from. She found her, but it was too late. The woman was dead, but her name lived on. When the woman died, her pack broke apart. They were lost without her and some decided to go on their own. However, when the last standing Desert Wolves found out she was their leader’s daughter- there problem was solved. She would lead them and so she did because she felt it would be a way for her to have a piece of her mother.

Unfortunately, the pack of Coyotes are weaker than ever and with Malia’s trust instilled into Scott McCall – she has decided to keep the Wolves as a nearby alliance. With their alliance, the coyotes were given more deserts along the California area.


The humans live within the cities, but they do not run them. Their jobs are to live their everyday lives as doctors, lawyers, and teachers. To do their job with repopulation, but that’s all. The cities are run by the supernatural depending on the territory they are in.


The worse of the worse. They are the killers and each pack’s biggest threat. They kill the innocent and the supernatural. Their abilities give them more advantages and more enemies. They are the only species who do not even consider alliances, or sharing their territories. A person crosses their borders and that person is killed. There biggest enemies are the wolves. Especially since they ran the wolves out from their main cities..

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